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Course Schedules & Costs

ALL courses offered by in CY 2007 are NRA.

Students MUST BE law-abiding US citizens with the ability to legally own a firearm in the
State of Florida and not under investigation nor charged with a felony nor charged with assault.

Some courses which require firearms shooting may require an extra charge for range use.

ALL courses include training materials, use of firearms, ammo. snacks, drinks, and lunch
when taught more than 6 hrs / day.

Multiple courses when offered together are advance-scheduled so students are required to
enroll according to your availability as multiple course schedules are less flexible.

Please read carefully the DISCOUNT & REFUND policies at the end of this page.

1.  NRA BASIC Courses


Pistol, Basic 10 hrs $95 required for several other crs.
     Pistol 1st Steps 4 hrs $65 limited, one-type handgun; meets FL CCP reqm'ts

Rifle, Basic 14 hrs $115 high power, small bore, competition
     Rifle 1st Steps 4 hrs $65 limited, one-type rifle; meets FL CCP reqm'ts

Shotgun, Basic 10 hrs $115 semi-auto, pump, single-shot; 12 & 20 ga.
     Shotgun 1st Steps 4 hrs $75 limited, one-type shotgun; meets FL CCP reqm'ts

Personal Protection:

               IN the Home (PPItH) 8 hrs $125 Prerequisite: Basic Pistol
  OUTSIDE the Home (PPOtH) 14 hrs $185 Prerequisite: PPItH

Home Firearm Safety 4 hrs $75 Recommended: Pistol Basic


Metallic Cartridge 8 hrs $95 Covers Rifle & Pistol ammo.
Shotshell 8 hrs $110 12 & 20 gauge; others on request

Range Safety Officer 9 hrs $95 one-day crs.



Basic Instructor Trng (BIT) 6 hrs $80 NRA Requirement for ALL Instructor Crs.

Pistol 11 hrs $175 Required for PPItH & HFS

Rifle 14 hrs $195

Shotgun 11 hrs $205

Personal Protection:

               IN the Home (PPItH) 9 hrs $225 Prerequisite: Basic Pistol Instructor
  OUTSIDE the Home (PPOtH)  16 hrs $285 Prerequisite: PPItH & PPOth Basic

Home Firearm Safety 5 hrs $115 Prerequisite: Basic Pistol Instructor


Metallic Cartridge 9 hrs $165
Shotshell 9 hrs $185

Range Safety Officer 9 hrs $85


By satisfactorily attending an NRA-sponsored Training Counselor Work Shops, NRA Certified
Instructors may earn the coveted status of Training Counselor.

Qualifications: These workshops are arranged for Certified Instructors with at least two (2)
 years of verifiable NRA firearms teaching experience.

Scheduling:TCWS are scheduled solely by NRA HQS with admission & attendance authorized
exclusively by the NRA.

Application: Candidates must submit an application several months in advance to the NRA
Training Department and receive an authorization before attending any TCWS.  The fee is
about $400.

Anyone interested in advancing to TC status should locate an upcoming TCWS or advise via email to organize a workshop; this may take a few months.


RANGE USE SURCHARGE: some courses MAY have a range surcharge.  This is solely
dependent on range availability and range policy & pricing fees.

AGE LIMITS: each crs. has both a skill/proficiency and academic requirements.  As such,
all students must be at least 14 years old and weigh at least one hundred pounds.

PRICING & DISCOUNT POLICIES:  Every attempt is made to ensure the most cost effective 
courses are offered to the widest audience possible.  Some courses may not be available so
frequently as we would like due to non-availability of ranges, instructors, and sometimes
undersubscribed class offerings.  We have established minimum (and maximum) class-sizes
for all courses and we must adhere to those limits.  We reserve the right to postpone or
cancel a course without prior notice.

     - DISCOUNT POLICY (only one discount applies; must register and pay at one time):
          three (3) or more students = 15 % discount for each paid
          five (5) or more students   = 20 % discount for each paid

     - REFUND POLICY (applies to all courses offered by
          60% refund up to 10 days prior to course start by check mailed to you
          NO REFUNDS within 10 days of course start.

       Under unforeseen circumstances, students may be allowed to re-schedule the same
             course within 12-months; they may apply for a refund ONLY IF that class is NOT
             available in next 12-month period.

       This includes students who do NOT satisfactorily complete a course (failed the
       written exam or some other portion of the course).  In those cases, they may be
             allowed to re-take the course when offered again within 12-months.

       There is NO REFUND FOR ANY REASON for students who were dismissed by the
             instructor for cause (misconduct, unsafe act, failure to attend, poor attitude, etc.).