What is covered in the NRA Basic Rifle Course?

This 14-hour course provides 4-hours of classroom instruction and 10-hours of hands on learning opportunities including range time:

  • safe firearm handling
  • firearm parts and operation
  • ammunition types and function
  • shooting fundamentals - with an opportunity to develop many of them on the range
  • how to select, clean and store firearms

You will receive an attractive NRA CERTIFICATE for successfully completing the Basic Course.

What is the NRA's FIRST STEPS Rifle Program?

FIRST (Firearm Instruction, Responsibility and Safety Training) STEPS provides hands-on orientation to one of the several rifle types in a 4-hour period.  You will also go to the range and fire the type-rifle taught.

NOTE: Upon successful completion of any course on this page, the resulting NRA certificate may be used to apply for the Florida Concealed Carry permit.